Kickstarter will expand to a second country beyond the US, as the popular crowd-funding website announced on Thursday that it will soon let businesses and people in Canada start projects and set funding goals.

Kickstarter previously only allowed people in the UK and US to start projects, but now Canadian project will have the opportunity to go live "later this summer".

The website has launched a teaser page with the headline "Canada. Finally." - which also shows a man feverishly typing in the background with a red maple leaf-bearing mug sitting atop a work desk in the foreground.

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If Kickstarter Canada is anything like the UK iteration that launched last autumn, users will be able to view projects from all countries. The difference is that projects will list monetary symbols for their respective countries. In other words, UK projects show prices in pounds and US projects show prices in dollars.

That's it for details on the North American expansion. However, Canadians can sign up to be alerted when Kickstarter Canada officially launches.