CoPilot has pushed out an update for its iOS and Android satnav app that allows you to control when the app will access the internet. You can choose to navigate offline, switching off the CoPilot Live features for when you don't need them, to save data.

The app now has a new "Just Drive" mode which doesn't require you to enter a final destination, instead helping you just to keep your bearings by supplying a full-screen map, speedo and safety camera warnings.

The offline switch, which is not unlike that of Spotify's offline mode, simply switches off data access for the app. There is also the addition of an auto cloud back-up, which will work when you are connected to the Web to save settings, favourites and recent destinations.

Those who pay for CoPilot ActiveTraffic can now benefit from the service detecting closed roads and creating alternative routes. The maps themselves have also been given an upgrade for Europe and North America.

Finally the app has plenty of new fixes, including removing compatibility problems with Swiftkey and correcting problems with tunnel mode, which had previously been unreliable.

The Android update is available straight away, with iOS to be made available shortly.