The Professor Layton series of games have been enormously successful on the Nintendo DS and 3DS over the years, with each title in the franchise just about selling out for their respective Christmases. And because of that, many clones featuring the same sort of cross between adventure and puzzle gameplay have emerged, and on other devices too, such as iPhone and iPad.

What hasn't been released for iOS devices, however, is an official Professor Layton game... until now. Well, sort of a Professor Layton game anyway.

Layton Brothers Mystery Room doesn't actually star Professor Layton himself, rather his son Alfendi Layton. And the gameplay doesn't ask you to solve an overall mystery by completing hundreds of smaller puzzles, but is more of a CSI-style affair.

Players have to examine crime scenes and collate evidence, then interrogate suspects and witnesses to see if the physical and verbal clues match up. Then there is a final showdown where you confront the person you believe to be responsible. And it is all rendered in developer Level-5's typical and traditional cartoony style.

That's the Professor Layton tie-in in a nutshell. The gameplay migVt be different, but the title exudes that Layton look throughout.

Layton Brothers Mystery Room is available as a free download for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch from iTunes now. With that you get the prologue and two cases to solve. Two further case packs, featuring four and three cases respectively, are available as in-app purchases for £1.99 and £1.49.

The game is available in the UK, North America and across Europe, and works on devices loaded with iOS 4.3 or later: iPhone 3GS or later, iPod Touch fourth generation or later, iPad first generation or later, and iPad mini are all supported.