The Pebble smart watch now offers native support for Google Hangouts, thanks to a new update to the Pebble for Android app.

Version 1.8.2 of the Android app is live on Google Play, and it specifically supports notifications for the chat service and video Hangout requests. Pebble already supported Google Talk notifications.

Google introduced unified Hangouts at Google I/O in May, combining all of Google's chat services into one - except for Voice. It was not clear why Voice was left out right out of the gates, leaving many to speculate about its death. Product manager Nikhyl Singhal later confirmed that better Google Voice support was on its way to Hangouts, indicating it will stick around.

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Google clearly has a tendency to continuously update its products. So, when Google finally brings Voice to the service, users could see the Hangouts app bring more alert features like the ability to answer calls. It also isn't too far-fetched to assume that Pebble will also get deeper Hangouts capabilities with better support and features.

The latest version of Pebble for Android also included unspecified stability improvements and enhancements for third-party app developers.