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(Pocket-lint) - Foursquare now lets users check-in their friends.

The service's iOS and Android app updated on Tuesday to let users check-in their friends, essentially providing one friend with the ability to check-in for a group of friends.

This type of functionality eliminates an instance where everyone would individually check in at the same time. For instance, a group of friends can now go to a movie and only one person would check-in for the entire group, so everyone can spend less time on their phones and more time having fun.

Foursquare said it pushed out the new check-in feature because it noticed over 90 per cent of mentions include people sharing who they are with, according to a post on the official Foursquare blog.

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When someone checks their friends in, each friend will each get a notification asking for permission. Once approved, Foursquare will check them in. If they deny the request, Foursquare will just mention them. There is also a delete button to get rid of any undesired check-ins.

If multiple people try to check in at the same time by accident, Foursquare said "yours will be the only one we show". Users can update their settings onFoursquare online- or download the update forAndroid and iPhone now.

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Today's news follows another feature rollout from earlier this month, when Foursquare introduced a way for active check-in users to visualise their engagement. Foursquare claimed it had experienced 4 billion check-ins thus far, and so it finally wanted to give users a way to relive those check-ins with the new Foursquare Time Machine.

Writing by Elyse Betters.
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