Runkeeper has finally integrated MyFitnessPal into its app, meaning you can now follow every single element of your fitness from one single place. The same applies the other way round, so any exercise done through Runkeeper will automatically update the activity section of your MyFitnessPal app.

Your daily calorie usage should now update through MyFitnessPal as well, so you can start to accurately track your diet and exercise regimes in one single place.

Weight inputs will now be shared between applications as well. If you have a set of Withings wireless scales, then you should find the two apps working together seamlessly to track your weight.

Any calories added to the MyFitnessPal app will become part of your activity feed for Runkeeper, completing the total integration of the two applications.

"At RunKeeper, we're passionate about helping people lead healthier lives," Jason Jacobs, CEO, RunKeeper. "MyFitnessPal was one of the most requested integrations from our users - we're now able to offer both of our user bases a more holistic way to reach their health and wellness goals."