Imgur has finally gone mobile on Monday, thanks to an official Android app on Google Play.

Imgur, the self-dubbed fastest-growing platform for image sharing on the web, originally became popular for its image-hosting capabilities on communities like Reddit. The platform had not been available through a dedicate mobile site or app aside from third-party clients using the Imgur API, until today. 

The new Imgur for Android app, which has been around as a beta since April, delivers the complete Imgur experience, making it easy for users to view, find, upload, share, comment and engage with images while on the go. The user experience specifically allows users to find the newest, most interesting "viral" images, and it provides options for engaging with them and sharing them with friends. 

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Imgur claimed people preferred to consume and share content without tying everything back to a profile like Facebook - and this trend "lines up nicely" with the Imgur experience that is evolving into a "YouTube for images".

Alan Schaaf, founder and CEO of Imgur, said Imgur had witnessed mobile usage double annually, and the decision to build and release an app was "due to a substantial increase in mobile browser usage over time".

The app is "first available" on Android, and Imgur has promised content creation tools in future updates. 

Update: According to Venture Beat, Imgur planned to release both Android and iPhone versions of the app on Monday. Schaaf claimed Apple has "routinely rejected" the iPhone app due to copyright infringement and inappropriate content, but the iPhone app should officially launch in a “few weeks".