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(Pocket-lint) - Evernote's Web Clipping extension in Chrome, which simply saves just about anything online into an Evernote account, now lets users clip from Gmail.

Emails often contain photos, files, receipts, itineraries, etc., and these messages and attachments can quickly pile up in accounts. Evernote's suite of software and services specialises in notetaking and archiving - so, when combined, users with hectic email accounts can finally get a little organisation. 

Enter Web Clipper in Chrome. Once users instal the Chrome extension, they can click and open the Web Clipper whenever they receive an important email. The Web Clipper will only grab what's visible, so users should expand threads if they want to save entire email conversations.


Emails and any attached files will now save to a designated Evernote notebook with formatting in tact, desired notes and relevant tags. Moreover, once in Evernote, the subject line becomes the note’s title and recipients show up near the top.

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Engadget warned that the Gmail threads will look like a "garbled mess" in Web Clipper's preview screen, but they will look fine in the Evernote app or web app once clipped.

In addition, premium users can make any attached document, spreadsheet, presentation or PDF searchable. Evernote's Web Clipper update is a small one, but it's definitely a time-saver for users drowning in emails and attachments. It's also ideal for Gmail users who need more complimentary storage.

The clipper is available free in the Chrome Web Store.

Writing by Elyse Betters.
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