Camera360 has updated its popular photo app for Android and iPhone, bringing the option to capture audio along with your photos.

The company says the new functionality will help you add to the "emotion and drama" captured using the app.

The audio capture feature will record five seconds of audio before the shot is taken - we guess by constantly buffering audio when the app is opened - which is then saved with the image. A single JPEG is produced, including the audio track.

So that might be sound of the birds tweeting in the lovely serene early morning photo you have taken, or the soft cries of a newborn baby, or the ear-piecing squawks of your favourite chicken.

Pocket-lintcamera360 update brings audio to photos adds cries to babies clucks to chickens image 2

"With the launch of Audio Camera, Camera360 will help you truly restore the moment and emotion of precious occasions such as when your girlfriend says, 'Yes, I do!' at that magic moment and also when your classmates say 'Cheese' when you graduate from university," said Hao Xu, Camera360 president.

You can share the images as normal, including the new sound elements to Facebook, Flickr and Twitter. Of course it doesn't play the sound directly, but supplies a link to the image on Camera360 where the sound will play.

The app is free and contains a host of other functionality, such as capture effects, editing options, the ability to turn your shots into puzzles and so on.

Camera360 is available on Google Play and the Apple App Store now.

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