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(Pocket-lint) - Apple finally introduced its iTunes Radio streaming service, so now Rdio has swung into full gear and announced a major expansion into seven new markets.

The music service - which revealed earlier this year that it would offer free music to desktop and web users in the UK for six months - is relatively popular in places like the US, but now it is accessible in 31 countries around the globe. Moreover, for the first time ever, it has entered Asian territory.


"We're thrilled to welcome Malaysia, Hong Kong, Colombia, Chile, the Czech Republic, Switzerland and Poland to Rdio today," explained Rdio in a press release. "This step not only represents our deeper journey into South America and Europe, but also marks Rdio's first step into Asia!" 

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Apple's much-rumoured iTunes Radio unveiled on Monday, following the launch of many similar services - like Rdio - over the years. The station-based radio player, which releases this autumn, selects songs via algorithms and curates a number of featured stations. 

As for Rdio's music service, those who want to join in new markets can sign up at rdio.com. Rdio is also available as a mobile app on Apple's App Store or Google Play, and it will still offer up to six months of free music to new users. It even provides the option to upgrade to Rdio Web or Rdio Unlimited for unlimited streaming everywhere. 

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Beyond arriving in new markets, Rdio also launched Vdio, a streaming video service, last April. The idea is similar to any such service: rather than pay a flat fee like Netflix, users pay to rent or buy a download. All content will show in the "purchases" menu for easy accessibility.

Writing by Elyse Betters.