On the heels of Twitter's recent #FollowMe project and Analytics platform announcement, Foursquare on Thursday introduced a way for active check-in users to visualise their engagement. 

Foursquare announced on Thursday it had experienced 4 billion check-ins thus far, and so it finally wants to give users a way to relive those check-ins with the new Foursquare Time Machine.

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Time Machine works like this: sign in and permit it to create a map-like timeline. Users can essentially "zoom through time and space" to see where they've been and discover places they'd like to go next. 

Although it's pretty looking and seemingly superficial, Time Machine also provides hard stats such as  exact check-in times, favourite days of the week to check-in, and most active periods. It even includes the ability to save a share an infographic.

So for those ready to travel through check-in time, visit Foursquare Time Machine. Users must have at least 10 check-ins to fetch their history.

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