CoPilot has launched on Windows Phone 8, bringing another satnav app to the Microsoft-made operating system to take on the excellent Nokia drive. Normally paid for, CoPilot has opted to go the free route, unlike a lot of the competition.

You get to an offline map for one country of your choice but the app lacks voice guided turn-by-turn directions, for this you will need to pay £17.99. But this does bring with it a lot of value, compared to others. Included in the £17.99 purchase is live traffic information for a year and 3D maps.

CoPilot's Android and iOS apps both perform admirably in the simple task of navigation but lack a lot of the bells and whistles that the more expensive TomTom offerings provide. Windows Phone already has Nokia Drive, which is one of our favourite smartphone navigation apps.

For those interested, the CoPilot app is now live on the Windows Phone marketplace and can be downloaded for free. Those who download will find they get a fairly restricted version of the app after 14 days however, with the much needed turn-by-turn voice directions disappearing until you stump up the £17.99 upgrade fee.