Evernote finally launched Reminders for Mac, iOS and Web in May, and now the popular to-do list service has pushed the anticipated feature to Android in an update.

Evernote Reminders in Android is completely on par with the iOS version. The new feature, which includes alarms, note-based to-dos, and the ability to pin notes to the top of a note list, is ideal for clipping gift ideas, project planning, remembering to pack right, creating appointment notes and more. Evernote basically sends a notification or email whenever a reminder is due. 

Reminders will sync across all Evernote clients, but notifications will currently only work in the iOS, Mac and Android apps. However, one of the downfalls to Evernote Reminders is that users cannot set recurring reminders. This is obviously a no-go for users who need repeating reminders for things like paying bills or turning in regular homework.

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Evernote has also added a bunch of enhancements to its Android counterpart, and a few of the new improvements include: the ability to copy and paste in note view, a corrected photo order in multi-shot camera, and better shortcuts functionality and Japanese support.

Evernote Reminders for Android is now live in the Google Play Store.