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(Pocket-lint) - British Airways on Wednesday launched Passbook boarding pass integration for its iOS app.

The UK's flag carrier airline recommended passengers update before traveling as long as they are using iOS 6 and up, although it plans to release an iOS 5-compatible version soon, and it warned that Executive Club account holders might need to log in first. 

"We have added boarding pass integration into Passbook," said British Airways in the app's description. "From now on, all new boarding passes will be presented in Passbook. You'll be able to download them from the app as usual and continue to use boarding passes on your iPhone in over 100 airports worldwide."


British Airways will also enhance Passbook integration within the next couple of weeks by adding direct links to passes from the iPhone's lock screen. This functionality for ready-to-fly passengers will make it easier for them to access boarding passes while on the go. The airline's iOS app will send a message to users once the feature is live. 

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British Airways is just one of many international airlines to add Passbook integration since the capability first launched in autumn last year. Budget airline EasyJet, for instance, announced mobile check-in and boarding passes for its Android and iOS apps in May. 

Version 4.4 of British Airways for iOS is now live in Apple's App Store and further includes a number of bugs and stability improvements. 

Writing by Elyse Betters.
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