Yahoo has introduced a redesigned search page in the United States that puts results "front and centre". 

Announcing the new look in a Tumblr post on Wednesday, Yahoo notably said search results would now appear higher on the page. The company has also added a top navigation bar that links to other Yahoo websites and services and implemented some "under-the-hood performance improvements" that increase load times. 

Today's much-needed revamp is a "new, modern design for Web search", as well as a sign that Yahoo wants to boost its search experience and provide "utility with beauty". The new design is also strikingly similar to Google, but it still doesn't outshine Google's minimalistic search page that consistently receives visual, performance and knowledge graph updates.

"Today’s news is just our first step," explained Laurie Mann, Yahoo's senior vice-president of Search. "Over the coming months, you’ll see more from Yahoo!"  

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Yahoo's new CEO, Marissa Mayer, is certainly trying to reinvigorate Yahoo ever since she took up the reins last summer. The company had a high-profile acquisition of Tumblr, issued a major redesign to Flickr recently and added gaming platform PlayerScale and to-do list app Astrid to its portfolio, among other thing

Yahoo still needs to maintain its growing number of services and deliver exciting, new experiences if it's going to give Google - Mayer's former place of employment - a run for its money.

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