Pinterest launched a fairly significant redesign last month in an attempt to bring an increased amount of information to each posted pin, but now the service has introduced yet another feature: search your own pins.

Pinterest, which enables users to share pictures and items of interest with other users, launched in 2010 and became the third most-used social networking website after Facebook and Twitter in April 2013.

With an increase in viewership came an increase in features, and so Pinterest has tried to elevate beyond a simple sharing service to help users get the information they need at a glance. The social network therefore announced on Tuesday that users could now search their own pins.

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The search functionality makes it easier for users to rediscover stuff they have pinned. To get started, type a word into the search bar and then filter results by clicking “Just my pins”. Pinterest will show everything pinned that relates to the keyword - as long as the keyword is present in the pin's description.

"Be sure to add words in your descriptions that will help you find that pin again," warned Hui Xu, a software engineeron Pinterest's official blog.

The new Search Your Own Pins feature is rolling out on the web now and will arrive on mobile soon.