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(Pocket-lint) - Google Reader is shutting down in less than a month, but third-party RSS client Feedly is beefing up features and adding integration support from other services in an attempt to become a valid Reader replacement.

Feedly announced on Monday that it plans to offer integration support from Reeder, Nextgen Reader, gReader, Press and Newsify before Google Reader's impending death on 1 July. Feedly is also working with those apps - as part of its Normandy project - to expand third-party integration, and the service further noted that access to its API is free. 

Feedly has steadily bulked its RSS offering over the past two months, and it has seen a 68 per cent growth of users who converted into weekly active users. It also experienced a "10 fold increase" in the amount of content that Feedly users share on Google+, Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest. Despite this usage increase, Feedly has announced a roadmap of updates for the future.


The service will soon get improved speed, search within Feedly, pure web access, better group sharing and numerous bug fixes. Feedly also said it would create an app for Windows Phone and Windows 8.

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For more information on Feedly, check out Pocket-lint's breakdown of the service. The conclusion? Feedly caters to all sets of users, whether power or casual, and it seems to get the job of RSS reading done.

Writing by Elyse Betters.
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