Twitter has released Vine for Android, which has nearly all the features the iOS version has been offering iPhone users for the past few months.

As there have been several updates to the version for Apple devices in the interim period, while the development team has been working on the Android application, some of the latest upgrades are yet to hit the new platform. Twitter promises that the two apps will be synchronised soon.

New features, such as the use of the front-facing camera, hashtags, search, mentions and the ability to share to Facebook will be added in weeks rather than months. The developer also reveals that some new features that are only possible on Android will be added in time.

Vine allows you to record short clips of video which are then stitched together to make snippets of a video diary, which can be shared to the world.

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The Twitter Vine blog claims that the app is available on Google Play now, but Pocket-lint is having trouble locating it at present. We fully expect it to go live later today, though.

UPDATE: The Google Play listing for Vine for Android is now live. It's a free download so what are you waiting for?