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(Pocket-lint) - Instagram has a new challenger, and it's called Hipstamatic Oggl.

The new app, previously available only to a handful of people, is now available for everyone who wants to have a play and share their pictures.

Described as "A Community Of Creative People Capturing & Curating Their Lives Through Photography", the app is the company's alternative to Instagram, now owned by Facebook, and hopes to be its main challenger too.

The new app allows you to use Hipstamatic app's lenses and films, and comes with five “Favourites” pre-loaded for situational shooting: Landscape, Food, Portrait, Nightlife and Sunset.

Those lenses or filters give you a range of different effects to enhance your pictures. The app also lets you edit your picture afterwards to spruce them up even more, or change the effects, before sharing them with others.


The app is free to download, but you will have to pay to use it, via a quarterly or yearly subscription model.

Oggl says it will offer two subscription options: Quarterly for $2.99 and yearly for $9.99.

"While Oggl itself will always remain free, each subscription comes with access to Hipstamatic’s entire catalogue of current lens and film gear, and guarantees new gear each month."

Hipstamatic plans to give paying subscribers access to new lenses and effects as well as open up the dozens it previously offered with its paid-for Hipstamatic app.

And if you are wondering where the name comes from, it's all about "Oggl'ing" at people's pictures.

No word on whether or not the app will be coming to Android, however Hipstamatic has confirmed that a Windows Phone 8 version is launching in June in connection with the Nokia Lumia 925. 

Writing by Stuart Miles.
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