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(Pocket-lint) - Google has just updated Google+ for Android with huge improvements to photos, location, and the stream.

According to a post on the official Google Plus Project blog, the updated app features an overhauled photo experience that includes safe and private auto-backup of photos.

Users can also now browse a selection of shots with Auto Highlight and then use Auto Enhance to edit people and places. Auto Awesome is another new feature, which essentially allows users to create animations and panoramas from the photos in their library. 

Today's update also makes use of Snapseed's most popular filters and controls. 

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"Getting started with these features is as simple as uploading a few pictures, then visiting the Photos section of the new Android app," Google explained.

As for the other tweaks, the new Google+ app now offers a Locations section that allows users to tap and view friends' whereabouts on a map. The same location-sharing settings apply, and the feature can be switched off under settings.

Lastly, Google is bringing the newly introduced hashtags feature to its Android app. They will appear in the top-right of Google+ posts and reveal relevant streams of content.

"You can always remove Google-added tags from your own content (on single posts, or on all of them)," Google explained. "And we always give preference to the tags you add manually. We're just excited about giving people new ways to explore the stuff they're into.

Google said the latest version of its Google+ for Android app also brings nicer and easier-to-use notifications, the ability to edit additional profile fields while on the go, and one-tap access to the new Hangouts app. 

The update is rolling out on Google Play today, following the announcement of similar features to Google+ at Google I/O last week.

Writing by Elyse Betters.