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(Pocket-lint) - Pinterest has been given a fairly significant redesign in an attempt to bring an increased amount of information to each pin posted to the service. It works with a number of websites, so you can now see extra info on topics such as movies, recipes and products.

The update is designed to make Pinterest more useful and take it beyond a platform simply for sharing exciting things found on the web. Instead, pinning a movie will now show information including cast members and ratings. A recipe can now show cooking times and ingredients and product shares show pricing and availability.

The new look Pinterest comes as the website partners with various brands. The likes of Etsy, Netflix and 101 Cookbooks now all provide information for Pinterest users to enjoy. Plenty of other blogs and websites have also partnered with Pinterest to help deliver results.


On top of the brand partnerships, Pinterest has also slightly changed its mobile app. Now the "Pin it!" button is available to use in mobile apps, so you can share things you spot within an app directly to Pinterest. Again the likes of Etsy have got involved, along with TED, The North Face and plenty of others. Expect this only to increase as time goes on.

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The new look Pinterest makes sense. It elevates the site beyond a simple sharing service and should help its users to get the information they need at a glance, rather than clicking through to other websites and leaving Pinterest behind. 

Writing by Hunter Skipworth.