SwiftKey 4.1 has been released, bringing with it a whole host of bug fixes and introducing three new themes. 

Themes, according to SwiftKey, is one of the most requested features for the smart keyboard. Now you'll be able to choose from three more: dusk, regal and pitch. 

Pitch is a minimalist keyboard which should appeal to those with AMOLED displays which will make it really deep and black. SwiftKey also says it has the potential benefit of saving battery power because you're using fewer pixels to illuminate it. 

We've heard BlackBerry say the same thing in the past about using a dark background over a light one to save energy. It seems that here less really is more.

The SwiftKey 4.1 bug fixes include a collection of things, including fixing Facebook personalisation, better functionality with Opera, better backspace in password fields and better access to the question mark. You can read the changelog here.

The update will be free for those already using SwiftKey 4 and if you're not yet a user then there's good news: SwiftKey is going on a half-price sale, so you can pick-up the keyboard app for £1.49 for a limited time on Google Play.

If you're not sure about SkiftKey, then why not read all about the rival Swype?