To celebrate the release of Star Trek Into Darkness, Microsoft has partnered with Paramount to add Klingon to the languages available on its Bing translation services.

The service will be able to translate any of the 41 available languages into Klingon and vice versa. Phrases such as "nuqDaq 'oH puchpa' 'e'" - "Where is the bathroom?" - will be converted into essentially any language you like.

Microsoft engineer Eric Adeen has helped to create the translator. As well as be a technology expert at the company, he can also speak fluent Klingon.

"We have people who understand the deep science of linguistics and we also have people who are passionate about the Star Trek franchise," Craig Beilinson, director of communications for Bing, told LA Times. "This was a labour of love from a lot of different avenues."

The Klingon functionality for Bing Translator will go live later today, Tuesday 14 May.