When David Bowie first recorded Space Oddity, little did he realise that 44 years later it would be sung in space itself, by a genuine spaceman. And with a music video shot while orbiting the Earth. His 21-year-old self would have appreciated it though - very much so, we feel.

That's because Commander Chris Hadfield's version of the song and YouTube video is a work of genius. Made with a few of his colleagues, the Canadian astronaut's Space Oddity shows a) what's possible using modern technology, and b) that they have quite a bit of time up there among the stars.

Hadfield has constantly embraced technology, regularly tweeting and posting to Facebook pictures taken from space. His version of Space Oddity is not the only song he's sent back to Earth either: in December, he posted original song Jewel in the Night to YouTube.

A tweet from the International Space Station commander was also highlighted as a favourite by Twitter itself. In a conversation with the original Star Trek's Captain Kirk, William Shatner, he showed a keen sense of humour:

Shatner: "@Cmdr_Hadfield Are you tweeting from space?"

Hadfield: "@WilliamShatner Yes, Standard Orbit, Captain. And we're detecting signs of life on the surface."