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(Pocket-lint) - Shazam and Rdio have extended their partnership to regions outside the US, including the UK. It means you can tag a song on the Shazam app on a smartphone and choose to play it on the Rdio application free of charge or as part of your paid subscription.

Users of the Free and Encore versions of Shazam on iOS and Android in the UK, Canada, Australia, Brazil and Mexico will now find a strip under a tagged song that will take them straight to the Rdio app to stream it. Rdio Unlimited subscribers can even choose to sync the track to their device for offline listening.

Those who have yet to sign up to Rdio can do so for a 14-day free trial period where they can listen to any of the tagged tracks for no cost over the two weeks. After that they will be asked to sign up to Rdio Unlimited or Rdio Web. While cheaper, at £4.99, the web streaming option does not include mobile, so cannot make use of the tie-in with Shazam. The Rdio Unlimited plan is £9.99 a month. That includes unlimited web and mobile streaming and the ability to download songs for offline listening.


Subscribers who want to make use of the partnership will need to install both Shazam and Rdio app on their devices.

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"Working together in six major countries across the globe, we are now providing more than 120 million users of the free version of Shazam the ability to instantly listen to an entire song they just identified exclusively on Rdio," said Jason Titus, CTO of Shazam. "The combination of Rdio and Shazam gives music lovers the fastest tagging service and a groundbreaking digital music service so they can identify, save, and organise their music discoveries."

Writing by Rik Henderson.
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