Vine has added front-facing camera support to its iOS app. All you need to do is hit an icon in the bottom left of the camera section of the app to switch to your smartphone's front camera.

On top of this, Vine has also updated itself with the ability to mention people you tag in your post. It works in a very similar way to Twitter, with you simply needing to type the @username of whoever you wish to tag. Once you do tag someone, then the video will show up in their Vine profile. 

The update to the app is available now from iTunes. For those yet to give Vine a spin, it is basically a short, stop-motion style video app, that lets you create the video equivalent of a Tweet.

The reason for front-facing camera support could well be to do with user Will Sasso, who is known for his bizarre videos which see him basically spitting lemons out of his mouth.