Dropbox has started to roll-out its planned overhaul of the photo side of the cloud service, with Pocket-lint being informed that albums and easier sharing options are now available to us.

Back at the end of January, Dropbox revealed its new desktop and browser photo features, but access to them was limited to few - including those who signed up for early access. Now it seems that the promised roll-out is extending across the service's entire subscriber base.

New features added include albums, where you can drag and drop stored photos into self-named sections for easy access. Previously, you had to group pictures into folders, but they can now exist in one folder and be linked to in an album. Effectively, this lets you share an album of holiday photos, for example, without needing to move the images from their original location.

In addition, sharing photos is easier, with a button appearing at the top of the page allowing you to share every image you click on in one batch.

With many handsets offering 50GB of Dropbox storage for free, the new features make the cloud storage service a compelling alternative to Photo Stream and other rival solutions.