Yahoo is putting its acquisition of Summly to work, adding new features to its Yahoo for iOS application centered around the reading tech. Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer also reaffirmed the company's focus on mobile as it hopes to jump back into the spotlight now dominated by Google and others.

The Yahoo for iOS app now uses Summly's algorithms to "deliver quick story summaries". Much like the Yahoo Weather app that was announced last week, Yahoo has included beautiful imagery that is placed behind the content; we think it adds a nice touch. The image mode can be enabled by swiping the All Stories section to "on". Summly's algorithm picks out the best parts of the story, giving you a quick glance. 

Yahoo's acquisition of Summly garnered huge amounts of press last month, given it was founded by 17 year old Nick D’Aloisio. It was acquired for around $30 million, processing a whopping 90 million summaries during its tenure and is now closed.

Furthermore, version 3.0 of the Yahoo app adds personalised stories that you can tailor to your interests, select certain reading topics (like Google News), and new web and image search interfaces.

Personalisation also syncs across screens when you're signed into your Yahoo account. "When you’re signed into Yahoo!, the choices you make are saved across screens," the company wrote. "The more you use Yahoo!, the more relevant and interesting the experience becomes - on mobile and desktop."

The app update is available on the App Store for users in the US. No word on a UK launch. "This is just the beginning of the new, more mobile Yahoo!, so stay tuned for more," the company said.