Come on, how many times have you talked about the weather today, when it was sunny, when it was cold, when it was dark skies, what about that hail storm?

We like the weather, and it seems so does Yahoo. It's just launched a new Yahoo Weather app that takes what you are probably used to on the iPhone and turned the dial all the way up to 11.

The new app, available in the app store already, brings images from the Flickr community to show you current local conditions, with all the details you want to know about the forecast allowing you to "see" the weather.

Where possible that seems to be actual pictures of those locations - London for example - or more generic ones if you are somewhere no-one has taken a picture of.  

"Inside you’ll find stunning snapshots of weather around the world. With a tilt of your phone, get lost scrolling through photos reflecting the current weather in places that matter to you. We like to think of it as flipping through a stack of postcards from your travels," explains the company on the new app.

Those wanting more than just pictures will be pleased to know that the new app also features plenty of data too like a five-day forecast, as well as, precipitation, wind and pressure, a radar map, and more.

The app is free and available now.