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(Pocket-lint) - Cross-platform note taking service Evernote has plans to jump into the hardware game with Evernote-branded hardware, the company’s chief executive Phil Libin confirmed. It will tap hardware partners to help design and manufacture devices.

“We won’t actually do the manufacturing, but we’ll do the co-design together,” said Libin, speaking to IDG News Service at the New Economy Summit. If its hardware becomes popular, Libin said Evernote would eventually do hardware on its own down the road, without help from a partner. 

So what type of device would the typically online-focused company be working on? Libin told IDG that Evernote wants to jump into new product categories with “new and magical” devices. He didn’t go into specifics, but it sounds more than just an app on a web-connected device.


Evernote is already found integrated into several unique places on the market, including scanners, physical Moleskin notebooks, cameras, and even a Samsung refrigerator. Evernote will also be found in Google Glass when it launches later this year -- certainly an interesting area.

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Past hardware, Libin also touched on the hacking Evernote faced earlier this year, accidentally leaking emails and encrypted passwords of accounts. He said the planned two-factor authentication will most likely be available in May to add extra security to user accounts. 

Speaking about usage since the hacked, Libin said: “People who were regular users all just came right back in, but people who maybe hadn’t logged in a few months, some of those haven’t come back in yet.”

Writing by Jake Smith.
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