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(Pocket-lint) - Book publisher Penguin Children's has signed a rights deal with PopCap and EA Games to release a series of books and eBooks featuring app sensation Plants vs Zombies.

Initially this will result in a Plants vs Zombies Official Guide, sticker book and joke book, all of which to be published in August, but considering the deal runs for three-years, it is likely that there are plenty of other interesting tie-ins planned. Novels from the zombies' perspective, perhaps? Or the plants'?

The announcement comes just before the start of the London Book Fair, which starts on 15 April in the Earls Court exhibition halls in the capital. For the last year or so, the fair has had a strong eBook and digital presence as the industry embraces the technology as a valuable source of income for authors and publishers alike.


The first batch of Plants vs Zombies books should be released in time for the release of a sequel to the game downloaded more than 120 million times across all formats.

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Penguin Children's will hold worldwide rights apart from for North America and Asia. Those regions are served by Puffin Books, which is an imprint of... Penguin. Yep, we don't truly understand it either.

Writing by Rik Henderson.
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