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(Pocket-lint) - Yahoo and Apple's partnership may grow, as both companies are looking into how Yahoo's services can better tie in to iOS, reports The Wall Street Journal. The publication was light on details, but did point to Apple's infamous Siri personal voice assistant as being one area in particular.

It's worth noting that Yahoo's services are already found within iOS alongside Google and others, including information from Yahoo Finance, Yahoo Weather, and search within Safari. Last year sport scores fed from Yahoo were incorporated into Siri.

A new deal between the two companies would incorporate more content from Yahoo Sports and Yahoo News on Apple's devices, according to the WSJ. These services would either be pre-loaded on to iOS devices or pushed through Siri.

Marissa Mayer, Yahoo CEO, who came from Google, may be trying to help Apple along with its hopes to increase any reliance on Google. Yahoo has branded itself as a web portal offering up a bevy of information on wide range of topics that sees "more than half a billion consumers every month in more than 30 languages".

Yahoo reportedly also wants to take Google's place as the default search engine within Safari, but Yahoo's agreements with Microsoft's Bing search engine may hamper that.

Right now, negotiations are in their early stages and a deal doesn't look to be imminent, according to the WSJ. If something does materialise, it will be an interesting move for both Yahoo and Apple.

Writing by Jake Smith.