There have been some spectacularly impractical iPhone cases. There was the Lobster Mobile Telephone Case, inspired by Salvador Dali, and the Ear Case for iPhone 4, which is shaped like a giant, well, ear. There was also the iPhone case shaped like a Motorola DynaTac from the 80s.

Thumbs Up's latest, however, serves two worthwhile purposes. Not only does the Pop Case for iPhone 5 protect the handset, it is specifically designed to sate the urges of those who like to pop bubble wrap.

The rear of the case is covered in clickable bubbles that will pop up again after being pressed - so, unlike bubble wrap, you can use it over and over again.

thumbs up s iphone 5 pop case for those with a bubble wrap fetish image 2

Of course, that's really all there is to it, but surely that's enough? In our line of work at Pocket-lint, we are often sent gadgets surrounded in bubble wrap, but for those who don't find it as easy to come by, this case is a must.

The Pop Case for iPhone 5 will be available from mid-April for £19.99. You will be able to buy it online at