Evernote 5 has been launched, bringing with it a rather clever twist on the traditional Evernote camera. Using Evernote-designed stickers and the improved app, photographing work will now log the image in a big, browsable Smart Notebook, for you to view on your computer or other devices.

The system is called Page Camera. Now, when you make a photo note in the app, you can switch on Page Camera and capture a photo scan of any documents. The app will remove things like shadows and boost contrast, so you have a clear and easy to understand note.

Evernote has teamed up with Moleskin to take the system one step further. You can now buy a Smart Notebook from Moleskin which features dots rather than lines inside. These dots boost contrast even more and correct skew in the image, so you get a near-perfect scan.

Included with the notebook is a set of Smart Stickers. These stickers are able to tag each note digitally within the app, so you can assign a sticker to be absolutely anything you want within the app's settings. The Smart Notebooks retail for £16.90 and includes a code for three months of Evernote premium. 

Shortcuts from the Evernote desktop app have now also arrived on Android. Like the Spotify app, Evernote has a drawer that slides out when you swipe left to right. In there you will find all your shortcuts. They also sync across all platforms, so your mobile will match your desktop.

The whole of the app has also been redesigned and given a fresh look. Note lists have changed to be easier to read and there are plenty of other speed and functionality tweaks. You can download the new Evernote app from Google Play now.