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(Pocket-lint) - Social news website Digg has further detailed its effort to create an alternative to Google Reader. The main focal points of the service will be simplicity, speed, synchronisation, and the ability to import.

"Google did a lot of things right with its Reader, but based on what we’re hearing from users, there is room for meaningful improvement," the company said in a blog post. "We want to build a product that’s clean and flexible, that bends easily and intuitively to the needs of different users."

Digg is looking at the more than 800 comments on its announcement post and several emails from RSS fanatics to build their new service. The parts that interest us the most are Digg's plans to make it sync across devices and that it will make it easy to import from existing Google Reader accounts. The Digg team has already shown its ability to create a pretty solid mobile app, with its Digg app currently available. 


Digg also said its service wouldn't be just for RSS. It wants to include Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Reddit, LinkedIn, Hacker News and other sources of information within the service for an ultimate reading experience.

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The small team has yet to share a release date for the Reader alternative, but says it should be built "in a few months". It sounds like they'll hit on/before Google's 1 July Reader death. The team further says time constraints won't allow them to put everything they want into version one, but they will continue to work to include features users want in other versions.

The Digg staff, made up of Betawork staff who acquired Digg, already have a lot of experience in the web aggregation sector. In 2010, Betaworks launched a product called News.me, which aimed to deliver news in a digestible format. When Betaworks purchased Digg, it took features from News.me and packaged together what Digg is today in just short time.

Writing by Jake Smith.
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