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(Pocket-lint) - BuzzFeed has been accessible in the UK since 2006, and now the company has officially launched a new UK-centric homepage. When users from the UK access the website, they'll be fed stories pertaining to their homeland, and of course, the usual mix of cat GIFs and more.

An editorial team has been established in London and will be headed by former NME.com editor Luke Lewis. The team kicked off the UK content with a "43 Things British People Know To Be True" article

The launch of BuzzFeed in the UK is much smaller than when rival online publisher Huffington Post made a similar move. BuzzFeed editorial director Scott Lamb told Metro it wants to start small and then build.


"A lot of people know BuzzFeed as the incarnation that we’re in now in the States but it took us a while to get there," Lamb said. "We’re kind of going back to our roots in coming to the UK. We’re looking at this as a fun experiment.’

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BuzzFeed was founded in 2006 by Jonah Peretti (who also co-founded The Huffington Post) and is located in New York. The company received another $19.3 million in funding in January, presumably to help build out its UK branch. It sees roughly 40 million unique monthly visitors (2 million from the UK), with a third of its traffic from mobile and half of its referral traffic from Facebook alone.

BuzzFeed takes an interesting approach to online news and content, with Ben Smith, who used to write for Politico, as its editor-in-chief. The BuzzFeed homepage consists of timely posts that usually revolve around either a video, image or link and pertain to the latest in social media. Content on the site is a fun mix, with hard-hitting articles on social issues and politics and light hearted stories like "Watch Justin Timberlake Take 5 Shots Of Tequila In Under 10 Minutes" and a list of hilarious GIFS.

Writing by Jake Smith.
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