The Star Trek logo hovered in the sky over London on Saturday night as part of the WWF Earth Hour initiative which saw key landmarks in the UK's capital and many other cities across the world go dark.

Paramount Pictures partnered with Ars Electonica Futurelab & Ascending Technologies to send a fleet of LED illuminated quadrocopters between 118ft and 426ft into the sky over City Hall and the Thames. They formed the logo then dimmed for Earth Hour itself, before reforming into the emblem that's synonymous with the franchise.

And as a further nod to the initiative of the World Wide Fund for Nature - to raise awareness of ecological issues - the quadrocopters used carried batteries charged in Austria using green energy from the Austrian renewable energy grid.

The logo itself measured around 300ft and was been seen from Old Billingsgate Walk in the centre of the city.

Star Trek Into Darkness will be in cinemas in the UK and Ireland from 9 May.

Of course, it's not the first science fiction-based light show to be seen in London: the BT Tower was turned into a giant lightsaber in 2011 to celebrate the launch of the Star Wars trilogies on Blu-ray.