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(Pocket-lint) - The Jawbone Up has returned, this time round in a new an improved form. Originally pulled from the market due to battery issues, the new Up promises to make up for previous mistakes with a greatly improved build quality.

Alongside the re-release of the Up, Jawbone has also pushed out an Android app for the fitness band, meaning it can be used on both iPhone and Google powered devices. The Nike Fuelband however doesn't yet have Android compatibility.

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Up is on sale in Europe now and can be bought online from Jawbone's website. It comes in three sizes, aimed at different wrist size. It can also be picked up in a variety of colours: black, mint green and blue.


The Up should be going on sale in Asia, Australia and the Middle East next month. Designed to track all your activity during the day, the Up can do things like measure sleep and steps, while the app can track your food intake (provided you fill it in). The idea behind it is that ultimately the Up has a complete picture of your fitness, to help you get back into shape.

Nike's FuelBand has been doing something very similar for a while, except for it lacks some of the functionality of the Up. For those after a feature-packed fitness tracker, Jawbone's Up should do nicely, provided it works.

Writing by Hunter Skipworth.