Iron Man 3 hits the cinemas next month and what better way to celebrate than to encase your iPhone 5 in a replica of Tony Stark's Mark VII suit, complete with glowing LED chestplate?

Gadget shop Brando is now taking pre-orders on the official Marvel-licensed iPhone 5 Iron Man Mark VII case and although it will set you back a reasonable amount for a phone cover, it's one of the coolest we've seen here on Pocket-lint. It's also one of the chunkiest, as it is styled on the front section of the Iron Man armour.

turn your iphone 5 into a superhero with the iron man mark vii case image 2

Built by 86Hero, the case - which covers the rear and sides - has a metallic paint finish and the left-hand corner flips open to expose the phone's lens and allow you to take pictures with the camera.

Because it's reasonably chunky, you'll probably need a big pocket to keep your phone in, but we've seen far bigger iPhone cases here on Pocket-lint, so this work of genius should be just fine.

You can pre-order the case for $49 (£33) on Brando Workshop online now. It will ship from April.