The new Formula One season is upon us. Vettel and his pals have lined up, ready to blast their racing cars around the world for another year. For fans, there is nothing better, but to an outsider, the sport can seem like aimless hours of noisy cars doing the same thing.

No F1 season is complete without some great second-screen experiences. Sky has its fantastic iPad F1 app and now, we have the F1 2013 Timing App. At £23.99, it may seem extortionate to outsiders, but for serious fans, it might just be worth it. So should you invest in the pricey app? Pocket-lint has taken the gamble to give you the low down. 

F1 2013 Timing App CP

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Before we start, just a note on versions. The F1 2013 Timing App exists in several forms: the The F1 2013 Timing App - Starter Pass is a free version which includes no live timing or data. It isn't really worth downloading.

The CP option, which we are reviewing here, or Premium in Google Play, has all the live timing for P1, P2, P3, qualifying and the race. For the money, it certainly offers a lot of information. On top of timing, you get an in-depth profile of each driver, team and all the standings and race date you could ever possibly desire.

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The real trick though - and this is the app's party piece - is that every time a car touches the track, all its performance movement and the corresponding commentary is recorded. So take practice 2 for example, in Melbourne, we missed it, but were able to download the practice and then view all the timing and track movements, even pausing and scrolling through the race like a stat-filled video.

It is very slick and for those who really want to follow the race in the most minute of detail, could be very satisfying indeed. The small green pop-out commentary boxes that appear on the right-hand side of the screen are also a nice touch, mentioning things like "Alonso on supersofts" or "problems with McLaren brakes", the moment they happen.

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But we can't help but think it might be better dodging the £24 cost and just getting yourself a Sky Sports subscription. The Sky Sports app offers pretty much all the same coverage, in a better layout and includes video and selectable camera angles. Sure it will cost you more than £24 a month, but then you are getting Sky TV to watch at home as well.

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Really though, as a second-screen experience with which to watch the F1 season, there is no other app like this. The level of detail available is absurd, to the point where pit crews and mechanics at the races themselves would find it really useful.

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So then, is it £24 good? Probably not, especially when you think of the standard of apps available for £5.99. But that cost is unavoidable and proper F1 fans really won't find themselves disappointed when they fire the app up. For the occasional viewer however, this is far too expensive.