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(Pocket-lint) - You can control your music, your TV and even your car with your phone these days, so why not your shower or bath?

That's the goal of Crosswater Digital, a water-control system that comes with an accompanying app so you can run the bath from your bed and know that it's just the right temperature before you get in.

"A free Crosswater Digital App (currently for Apple devices, but with an Android App due to follow in early summer) is available offering the facility to turn the shower on or fill the bath before getting out of bed in the morning - it can be used from anywhere else in the house," explains the company.

The app, which can be used only when on the same Wi-Fi network, rather than via 3G so you could get your water running on the train on the way home, comes with a flashing visual indicator to show when the water has reached the desired temperature. 


The app can store up to three personal choices for temperature and water flow settings for you and other members of your family. 

The company goes on to say that because the app is the equivalent of the taps, you don't even need taps (you will need a spout, though).

Furthermore the system's thermostatic control ensures water temperature remains constant at all times regardless of fluctuations in demand caused by home appliances being used at the same time.

Those panicked by that idea of your battery dying and the bath still filling up can opt for the Duo and Elite editions of the set-up that have a battery back-up to ensure pre-set choices are saved in the event of a power cut. This also means the shower is operable for up to 20 minutes after any power cut. 

The new system, which will be available to buy in the UK shortly, will set you back £1,195, and you will have to buy a spout on top of that price. 

Writing by Stuart Miles.
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