Prince Andrew has told the BBC that he and some of the Royal family use the closed social network Yammer.

"I've used that for seminars and forums I've held here so that people can carry on the conversation afterwards," he told the Beeb.

Yammer, bought by Microsoft last year, is a social network designed for companies rather than mates keen to see where there friends are eating or partying.

It's the private element that the Royals seem to like because it saves the likes of us seeing what they are up to.

The Queen was due to visit Yammer's office's in Tech City in London this week, but has pulled out because of a stomach bug.

Prince Andrew also told the BBC that the Royal family acted as "the early adoption gang", trying out new technology for the Buckingham Place IT department: "We are very fortunate, we hear about, we go and visit, we see new technology and we see new opportunities and we bring them back and go, 'Okay, let's see how we can apply this'. "

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