We don't know what's weirder, that Domino's Japan is giving fans synthesised songs made by its own staff or the announcement video starring "Scott, president of Domino's Pizza". Either way, we wish Domino's in the UK was as inventive with its tech tie-ins.

The Japanese arm of the global fast-food chain has released an iPhone application in collaboration with Hatsune Miku, the virtual pop sensation that fronts song-generation software Vocaloid. Think Gorillaz without Damon Albarn. Or the Gorillaz.

The original Vocaloid software allows users to produce songs on their computer which Miku then sings in an animated representation. Apparently, it's all the rage to collect different outfits and uniforms for Hatsune too, as she's become very popular Japan, so the app is a big deal in the Land of the Rising Sun.

As part of the Domino's App featuring Hatsune Miku, staff from some of the Japanese chain's branches were instructed to write Vocaloid songs, which you can listen to. Plus, you can skin and theme the portal where you browse and buy pizzas. Finally, if you point the app at a special-edition pizza box, it turns into a dance floor with the digital popstar shaking her funky stuff in augmented reality.

hatsune miku struts her stuff on domino s pizza boxes thanks to iphone app image 2

Domino's has even gone as far as to redecorate some of its delivery bikes Hatsune Miku style. You've got to admire its dedication to the cause.

Of course, if the skinny Miku get's too hooked on the pizzas themselves, we might just need a wider widescreen phone next time around.

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