When Pocket-lint started reviewing the hottest gadgets, games and everything else back in 2003, things were very different. Today we’re acknowledging that five stars is the right way to reward the best of the best and introducing a new award for the hottest products.

With 10 years of reviewing history under our belts, and nearly 6,000 products reviewed, it feels like the right time to make a few tweaks.

As long-term Pocket-lint readers will know, we originally had a 10-point rating system. This evolved into a star system, effectively slicing things down the middle: 8 points became 4 stars, 2 points, 1 star.

Under the old scheme, anything given 4.5 or 5 stars would receive the “Hot Product” Award. We’re retiring this award to the archives and moving forward with a newer, clearer, cleaner, 5-star award for those products that deserve the highest accolade.

Obviously, this involves some change that will be reflected on the site. Not only will you see the new logo, but you’ll also see 5-star reviews where previously they might have received 4.5.

That doesn’t mean that standards have changed when it comes to reviewing, or that products are contextually better. What it means is some of the best gadgets reviewed recently will have their scores revised to conform with the new standard.

It’s worth adding that the star rating system is only one aspect of a review. The real meat in the reviews sandwich is words. We like to provide plenty of detailed, real-life experience in our reviews that is reflected only in what we write. 

Here’s to the next 10 years and the next 6,000 products. The new system will be clearer and better reflect the achievement of the companies behind them.