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(Pocket-lint) - Visitors to TED2013 in California last week were greeted with a way to combat the horrible feeling of jetlag that may have been incurred on the way to the insightful conference. Airline Delta provided a photon shower, what the company calls a first of its kind to combat the ultimate productivity killer. 

The TED conference series is aimed at groundbreaking ideas in the technology, entertainment and design sectors of life. Delta took the opportunity to debut the photon shower, FastCompany magazine highlighted

According to the publication, the photon shower uses lights to help a person feel rejuvenated after a long flight and switching between time zones. Given that most of those attending the TED conference were travellers, Delta presented the chance to "bathe in light".


An LED panel on the machine allowed users to input their travel data so as to customise their experience, including the ability to turn on ambient sound providing wavelengths to soothe people.

delta may have found the cure for jetlag thanks to photon light image 2

As for the lights on the machine, W+K creative's Catherine McCurry, who worked with Delta on the project, told FastCompany: "Flowing blue animations appear before you on the LED wall. They’re particularly impactful because these LED panels are typically used for large on-stage displays, so being right up close to a screen like this is really rare. It has a strong effect. At times, it really feels like it’s raining light.” 

Fellow designer Jamie Carreiro continued: “When you step inside, the small structure of the shower disappears, and the environment becomes surprisingly expansive. Using an infinity mirror set-up, we made the space feel much larger than it actually is.”

This exact model doesn't look to be headed towards airports any time soon. However, a Delta representative did tell Fast Company that it may find some innovative use for the device in the future. 

In a Virgin Airlines-like move, Delta has been focused on the comfort of travellers with new in-flight features over the past year. Specifically, in the coming months, Delta will provide bedding sets for BusinessElite passengers on transcontinental flights.

It's no secret - we all hate jetlag. Is this a step in the right direct to combatting it?

What ways do you combat jetlag?

Image: Fast Company

Writing by Jake Smith.
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