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(Pocket-lint) - Video enhancement is all the rage at the moment. From Olympus's Art Filters in its cameras, through to pro effects in video-editing software. But the latter can cost a fair packet - something Vimeo thinks it has an an answer for budding videographers on a budget.

Vimeo users can now access what it is calling "Looks" - a collection of more than 500 presets to give your video that pro, TV show kind of mood - as powered by Vivoom, the cloud-based video enhancement platform.

These effects can be added and previewed against a grab from your own video so you'll know how it'll look before pushing it out into the big wide world. No need to download additional software either, as it's all handled online in the cloud for immediate application when uploading via a browser.

vimeo cloud based editing tools new looks enhancement presets available to trial image 2

For the time being the enhancements are available only via Vimeo's browser-based online access, with app support penned to follow in the future - we just don't know when, as yet. When that does happen we think Vimeo could be on to something: a bit like a "video Instagram" with the ability to free those smart device videos with some tarted-up visual fun.

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Like the sound of it? Go and have a play with it now as it's all free for the 90 days. After that the crossed-out $0.99 next to each effect means what it suggests: it'll cost $0.99 to buy into each individual one, which we've had confirmed by Vimeo. At a price point similar to an app it's not too bad but may add up rather fast if you want to buy a whole suite of options.

We think that the mobile platform integration in the future will be crucial to such a model given the variety of other pay-for methods that are also available on the market, and that's also where the micro-payments platform is already well embedded.

Writing by Mike Lowe.
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