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(Pocket-lint) - Plenty of gadget promise gesture control in new and innovative ways, but few end up delivering. Kinect certainly entertains and the PS Move has its moments, but there isn't really too much else out there that consumers can pick up.

Enter the MYO Armband, which promises to bring simple gesture control for multiple devices, at an affordable price. Costing $149 (£98) and up for pre-order today, the armband connects to devices via Bluetooth and then uses electrical activity produced by your muscles for gesture control.

In a demo video produced by Thalmic Labs, the company manufacturing the armband, it shows users starting and stopping music on their Mac by clicking their fingers. On top of this the MYO is shown controlling remotely operated drones, as well as Mass Effect 3. 

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The MYO will ship with its own API so you can develop uses for it to suit your needs. It promises to be extremely accurate and lightweight, worn just above your elbow and not requiring any sort of camera or specific room shape.

We will have to see with this one, but given the amount of developers who tweaked and hacked the Kinect after its release, the MYO could become a genuinely exciting product.

Writing by Hunter Skipworth.
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