AT&T and BSkyB-owned The Cloud have announced a new agreement to offer Wi-Fi to US-based AT&T customers travelling in the UK. 

As part of the agreement, AT&T will offer customers1GB a month of Wi-Fi access for free when visiting the UK. The Cloud will be providing the service through any of its 16,000 Wi-Fi hotspots UK-wide. 

One caveat: customers on AT&T will be required to have an international data plan already in place to access the Wi-Fi. Nothing's ever free, folks. 

Additionally, to make locating a Wi-Fi hot spot a little easier, the carrier makes a Wi-Fi International app available for iOS and Android. 

While not the most data in the world to access, this will make a nice way for business travellers to make a free call from Skype or send some lovely pictures of London to home, as noted by The Next Web.