Mozilla has unofficially released Firefox 19 with several improvements over the last version, after close to a month of beta testing.

It's lated for 19 February, but Mozilla is yet to make an official announcement for Firefox 19's release on its blog. However, The Next Web did a little digging and found the files on Mozilla's FTP server. 

In Firefox 19, Mozilla has included its own built-in PDF reader, ditching the buggy and sometimes security vulnerable Adobe. Mozilla's solution uses its own PDF.js JavaScript engine to make PDF files viewable right in the browser. 

When the beta for Firefox 19 was released, so was an Android version, featuring ARMv6 support, themes, and integration with the Google search widget. Presumably Mozilla will release a 19 version for Android to the masses as well on 19 February. We'll keep our eyes peeled on Google Play.

Firefox 19 for desktop also features several bug fixes, speed enhancements and improvements for developers. 

Update: Mozilla has made things official for both the desktop and Google Play

Pic: DeviantArt