Following its move to WebKit this week, Opera has announced its acquisition of Skyfire, a company known for its own mobile web browser and video optimisation division. Opera says the deal is going down for $155 million in cash and stock and is expected to be finalised in March.

Skyfire will become an Opera-owned subsidiary with Skyfire CEO Jeffrey Glueck remaining in-charge. Glueck's responsibilities will also translate over to Opera, where he's gaining an executive vice-president position.

The acquisition makes sense for Opera, which will use Skyfire's Rocket Optimizer technology that aims to reduce size of video to enable companies to keep up with varying amounts of bandwidth. Opera operates in a similar field.

Opera says Skyfire's Horizon browser extension and mobile apps will also continue operating. It will join the Opera Mediaworks mobile ad netwok for new revenue opportunities, and we also learnt that Skyfire Horizon has had 20 million worldwide downloads to date.

“Opera and Skyfire are a natural fit,” said Lars Boilesen, CEO, Opera Software. “Both companies have evolved far beyond their browser roots. Skyfire adds capabilities to our portfolio around video, app optimisation, smartphones and tablets, and strength in North America." 

After Pocket-lint exclusively leaked the news, Opera last week announced its new Operia Ice web browser platform that will utilise WebKit technology found on Safari and Google Chrome. Opera will be showing-off some stuff at Mobile World Congress 2013 in Barcelona, but won't be whipping out the full Opera Ice browser. 

Presumably Opera will use Skyfire's technology inside its new Opera Ice browser.